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Think Brown Will Stop Government Run Healthcare?

If you listen to this youtube clip, you may not think so….. [...]

What to Do About the Scott Brown Issue?

After a recent post about Scott Brown being far from a liberty-oriented candidate, many responded that it’s important to live in reality, and that we cannot have a perfect candidate. Especially not one who lives in Massachusetts.   I agree that it’s important to live within the means of reality, and I believe that is exactly [...] [...]

I’m Glad Scott Brown Voted for the Jobs Bill…

…early on that is.  At least everyone was paying attention.   While myself and others recognized that Scott Brown was not a liberty-loving fellow and were expecting this kind of behavior, it hasn’t been seen that way across the country (until now, hopefully).  All most people knew was that he was running against a Democrat and he [...] [...]

Liberty on the Rocks Expands to New York, New York!

Join Liberty on the Rocks, Greenwich Village Chapter for our first meeting!  We are a social organization uniting lovers of liberty, wherever they are found.

7:30pm at Josie Wood’s Pub $3.50 pints until 9pm

“A splendid mix of grass roots activism, libations, and good conversation. We are a group of citizens who endeavor to limit [...]

Des Moines Meets @ the Ducktail Lounge!

In today’s world patriotic Americans that aren’t getting involved, aren’t patriotic Americans.  Join us to discuss, over cocktails, ways we can bring this country back towards the principles upon which it was founded!

Meetings are held from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Ducktail Lounge; 1806 86th Street, Clive, Iowa, 50325.

$2 Domestic Draws, $3 [...]

Austins LOTR Meets @ Malverde for Glen’s 30th!

For February, Liberty on the Rocks Austin will be held in conjunction with Glen’s 30th birthday party! I hope you can come out to meet others in your community, to have fun, make some friends and to talk politics!!!

So, it’s in the Warehouse District. I’ll tell you that much. If you have been to [...]

Los Angeles Gets Together @ Finn McCool’s!

Join Liberty on the Rocks Los Angeles for it’s second meet-up!  This is a great place to network and socialize with fellow lovers of liberty, free markets and limited government.  Hope to see you there!


Finn McCool’s 2700 Main Street Santa Monica, CA

St. Louis Meets @ Lemmons!

Join us for our fourth gathering of Liberty on the Rocks St. Louis! We’ll be meeting at Lemmons on Gravois for their famed trivia competition, along with the usual sorts of conversation and libations. Libertarians often have a reputation for being insufferable know-it-alls — this is your chance to prove it!

See you on Wednesday!


No it’s not in your imagination, Libertopia in the Bay Area

Libertopia is an annual festival of freedom, community and art for sovereign individuals.

Its purpose is to create a worldwide movement of individuals who choose their own form of governance – a voluntary society based on mutual respect for each individual’s dignity and ownership of his/her own body and property.

The event will be held in San [...] [...]

Rules of Engagement

David Kelly 16 February 2010

Reading a news story in this morning’s paper on the military offensive taking place in Afghanistan, I shook my head in disgust at the American Empire’s rules of engagement that our Marines and soldiers must follow while in harms way.

One rule they must adhere to is that they can not fire [...] [...]