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BlueCarp on the radio Thursday, December 30.

Thank you to my friend Kelly Maher, of, for asking me to ride shotgun with her as she subs for Jim Pfaff tomorrow (Thursday, December 30) from 11 a.m to noon, Mountain Time, on KLZ the Source, AM 560. (For my friends back east, that’s 1:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m. For my friends in the Central and Pacific time zones, you can figure it out from there.)

Listen online!
This is a great opportunity for all of my Facebook friends to call and tell me how wrong I am – No, wait . . . that’s what Kelly does.
Aw, heck, call anyway: The studio line is 303-477-5600.

A proposal to my Republican friends

If the federal budget is one cent smaller in 2012 than it is in 2010, I’ll register Republican and run for precinct chair.

If not, y’all register Libertarian.
“Ah, but Dave, you crafty fellow, two years isn’t enough time to make a difference,” you say? Then how about four years? I’ll make the same deal.
Still not enough? Is eight sufficient? Ten? How many? You pick the time frame.
I’ll make the same deal.
Any takers? If not, why not? You claim to believe that the GOP believes in smaller government, yet given the chance to tell me how long a time frame is sufficient for them to make good on this belief, you still do not have faith in them to deliver on this claim?
And you call Libertarians unrealistic? Oh, the irony.

We are next: DHS now calling domestic dissent “terrorist.”

A Tennessee division of the Department of Homeland Security has put the ACLU on a “terrorist watch list.

Soon, all dissent will be labeled “terrorist” by the feds.

And remember all of the conservative cheer leading behind the notion that “terrorists have no rights.” If “terrorists” have no rights, the next logical step is that the ACLU, as a terrorist organization, has no rights. If the ACLU has no rights, no one that dissents has them.

I have heard some say that the feds will never make the leap between “foreign” terrorists and “domestic” terrorists. They argue that citizens of the United States will always have the protection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If you believe that, you are exactly where the statists want you: cheering for the very notion that will enslave you.

You also have no recollection of U.S. history: The U.S. put American citizens in internment camps during World War II for “national security” purposes. Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus in the name of “national security.” Both of these examples took place during war, you say, so we need not worry. But, alas, we are at war: The War on Terror.

If we fail to stop the federally inspired hysteria behind terrorism, they will come for the rest of us that dissent.

You can count on it.

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