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The Al Gore Cult of Global Warming – and why they don’t like nuclear power.

Nuclear power is not acceptable to the Al Gore Cult of Global Warming because it does not require state control of individuals and their energy use. A Facebook user (and where else can one get good political discussions going short of a freshman government class?) objected to nuclear power because it merely postpones a problem – storing nuclear waste – even as it solves the man-made global warming fraud problem.

As far as postponing a problem, I thought that if we don’t act IMMEDIATELY on global warming, the ice caps will melt, polar bears will drown, New York, Houston and San Diego will be all be underwater in a matter of years and the oceans will nigh on boil. (You know, the standard, run-of-the-mill hysterical fear-mongering used whenever a group wants control over something).*
Doesn’t it make sense to push an old lady out from the way of a bus and deal with her broken hip later? Yes, if saving the lady is what you are really concerned about. Likewise, if Al Gore Cultists are really concerned about boiling oceans, they should be out with hammers building their own private nuclear reactors in their backyards. They can deal with the waste later. They aren’t building nuclear reactors, of course, because boiling oceans are mere pretext for government control.
We have cost-effective nuclear technology. (Insert gratuitous French joke here ‘”Hell, even the French can do it!”). We do not have cost-effective “alternative” technology like solar and wind. The fear-mongering cultists solve this problem by taking massive amounts of borrowed money and giving it away like political party favors. They have a euphemism for this transfer of wealth to their friends: they call it “investment.”
Water vapor is a greenhouse gas and far more prevalent in the atmosphere than CO2. Spending billions of dollars to curtail CO2 emissions – even if well intentioned – on the equivalent of spit in the ocean is not good policy.
Mars is also warming – I’m pretty sure our factories and SUV’s aren’t contributing to it.
If Al Gore were around during the last Ice Age, I’m sure he would have blamed that on humans, as well.
* Conservatives use the same hysterical fear-mongering tactic when it comes to the War on Terror and the War on Drugs. But that’s a different topic.

Personalized Personal Injury Service at The Williams Law Office, P.C.

If you have been hurt by the negligence of another, you probably need the services of a personal injury lawyer. The insurance company of the person that caused you injury will have a roomful of lawyers on its side. I know, I used to be one of them.

I have an experiment for you all. Call some of the law offices you see advertised on television. Insist on talking with the lawyer in the commercial, not one of his associates or paralegals. I’ll bet dimes to danish to the success rate of getting through to the lawyer in the commercial is nigh on ZERO.
Call me at The Williams Law Office, P.C. The office number is 303-800-0894. If I don’t pick up the phone, you will hear back from me within a business day.
Another experiment for you when you call one of the big plaintiffs’ firms that advertises on TV: Ask for the lawyers’ personal cell number. I guarantee you the success rate will be ZERO.
My cell phone: 303-588-2731. If I am unable to answer, I will call back posthaste.
If you want personalized personal injury representation, call me, David K. Williams, Jr., at The Williams Law Office, P.C.

Before blaming others, look inward.

Eva Sirovy wrote a poignant and personal essay in today’s Denver Post about her bankruptcy six years ago and its efffect on her life still today. (See “Years later, punished by bankruptcy.”) She comes across as a thoughtful, intelligent person with whom I would enjoy sharing some coffee.
Ms. Sirovy writes matter-of-factly about her poor money management skills and fesses up to making bad decisions:
Yeah, I defaulted on loans to the credit card companies, and yeah, I’m probably exactly the sort of person who shouldn’t even have one of those magic pieces of plastic. It’s too easy for me to forget the pain that’s coming in a month or two, and spend money on things I do not absolutely need.

These decisions resulted in her bankruptcy. Now, the six year old bankruptcy has kept her from getting a bank loan to refinance her house. One might think she would recognize that this is just one more negative consequence of her poor use of credit in the past, yet something she can and will overcome on her road back to financial responsibility. But no, that is not her conclusion.
She quotes her friend who said, that for years “the banks loaned to anyone who could sign a paper . . . and now we’re getting punished for their bad decisions!” Ms. Sirovy agrees: “that seems right. We’re all getting punished for the banks’ bad decisions.”
No, Ms. Sirovy, you are getting punished for your own.

Once again, racist southerners want to secede.

Once again, there is strong southern sentiment to secede from the country. When will these racists learn? Secession means nothing but the oppression of minorities.

What? …. The secession is in Africa?…. The south of Sudan wants to secede from the rest of the Sudan?…. Are you telling me there are reasons other than a neo-Confederate belief in slavery to support secession?


My bad.

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The “war on drugs” is the conservatives’ version of the progressives’ “war on poverty.”

Neither war can be won.

Both wars exacerbate the problem it tries to solve.

Both wars create massive, monstrous and corrupt government agencies.

Both wars have wasted gazillions of dollars.

And neither group has the ability to recognize their abject failure.

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Subsidized school breakfasts in Colorado.

And so the squealing begins….

The State of Colorado is facing over a $1 billion budget shortfall. Services must be cut. Services will be cut.
It is basic math.
A plan to end subsidized breakfast for some public school students is among the suggestions. The Denver Post is aghast. Its lead editorial today declares that the “Least among us deserve better.” The Post says “there are other places to cut.” Of course, they do not name any of these other places.
Likewise, letter writers proclaim their nobility in criticizing the plan.
I suggest the Post and other self-proclaimed champions of the downtrodden, at the very least, suggest where to cut instead of merely saying “don’t cut here!”