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3 Year Anniversary 4/2! Join the party at CADA!

Liberty on the Rocks (Red Rocks) 3 Year Anniversary Party at the “Car Shack!” Join the festivities this upcoming Monday!!! Watch the NCAA Finals with your Liberty friends (best seats in Denver for the game) Anniversary Cake – Yummy! Catering by Pietra’s (heavy appetizers) Dynamite Party Facility with large flat screen TV’s and an outdoor patio Invited distinguished guests list [...] [...]

What is Liberty on the Rocks?

Liberty on the Rocks is a libertarian, social and educational organization committed to increasing the size and effectiveness of the free market movement.

Through its local networks and events, liberty enthusiasts across the country are connected with leaders in the movement, free market organizations, research and information, opportunities for involvement, and other advocates in their [...]

Economics Training This Saturday!

Are you a liberty enthusiast who loves free markets, capitalism and limited government? Are you looking to meet and network with others who have similar interests? Would you benefit from having one-on-one contact with “liberty experts” in a setting where you can ask all the questions you’d like about free market [...] [...]

Senior Staff Accountant

SUMMARY: The senior staff accountant will manage the day-to-day accounts payable process for Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation under the supervision of the Controller. Additionally, the senior accountant will oversee and allocate employee and contractor timekeeping to each organization and code time to individual projects. Working directly with the Controller, the senior [...] [...]


SUMMARY: Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation is currently seeking a qualified recruiter to support the Director of Human Resources with the acquisition process. Responsibilities will include coordinating every step of the acquisition process, from drafting job descriptions, posting and networking, candidate selection, phone and in person interviews, interview setup and advising the [...] [...]

Next Meeting (04/01/2012)

First meeting for the month of April. Plenty to talk about that is going on at the local, provincial and federal level as well as the U.S. Hope to see all the regulars as well as old friends and newbies are always welcome. Cheers for liberty! Event [...] [...]

Recognizing Liberty…

You hear the word Liberty used quite freely, especially within the Liberty Movement. But what does it mean and would our Founders recognize Liberty as we view it today?   I invite you to share what Liberty means to you during our 30 second soap-box segment and then we will give [...] [...]

Intern (Paid)

Atlas Shrugged the Movie Part II is coming, and their marketing team is looking for an intern! Full-time paid internship working with the marketing team in Beverly Hills, CA. Show us your creative writing skills by writing a brief 3 paragraph essay answering the question “Who is Ayn Rand?” Email your essay and contact info [...] [...]

Santorum – Republicans no longer the party of Goldwater and small govern…

BlueCarp [...]

Making the Case for Freedom

Economic Freedom Session:

March 31st, 1:30pm @The Dublin House

Are you a liberty activist seeking to enhance your arsenal of talking points surrounding the issues of capitalism and free markets? Then this is the educational training course for you! Liberty on the Rocks is looking for leaders in the liberty movement (current or future) [...] [...]