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Spot the statist theme!

Facebook can be a great place for the exchange of ideas and challenging debate. In between playing online poker and that killing-zombies game, I’ll even sometimes stumble onto one of those debates between libertarian ideas and statist ideas. I just did.

Certain statist ideas recur in every one of these debates. They are as predictable as a Lindsey Lohan car wreck. I found the following, verbatim, moments ago:

Quit paying taxes, using the post office, close all the public schools, and cut your own grandma’s off Medicare, and then you might at least be consistent with the illogical ranting about government involvement. Cheers.

This sums up the statist belief. Every pro-freedom idea is always, in the end, trumped with “you just want to kill your grandmom!” Then the statist walks off, smug in his love of your grandma and, indeed, all old people.

But let’s address these assertions and see if we can find a theme:

Quit paying taxes.” Many would, but government agents with guns will take them away and put them in cages.

“Quit using the post office.” Many would be glad to do so, but government agents have declared that only the USPS can deliver first class letters. If they set up a competing business to do that, government agents with guns will take them away and put them in cages.

“Close all the public schools.” How about letting parents use their education tax money on attending any school they wish? Lots of people would keep that money and make their own decisions, but government agents with guns would take them away and put them in cages.

“Cut grandma off Medicare.” How about letting grandma keep all that money that was taken away from her while she worked her entire life? Lots of people would keep that money and make their own decisions, but government agents with guns would take them away and put them in cages.

Did you spot the theme?

The statist philosophy is simple: The government knows best. The government is compassionate. Comply with its good intentions for your own well-being. And if you don’t, government agents with guns will take you away and put you in a cage.

It’s compassion at bayonet point. Cheers!


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