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Indirect Democide

When the government people aren’t drone-bombing wedding parties and throwing peaceful people in cages by the millions, they still manage to kill people and destroy lives. I wanted to look at some of the less obvious, but still lethal, ways government kills. This list is nowhere near complete, and I plan on updating it in the going forward.


Huge Announcement

Liberty on the Rocks Huntsville has already had some interesting speakers in our short history, and we’ve just landed another liberty rockstar. Stephanie Murphy will be speaking, via video, at the January 17th meet-up. Stephanie is a nationally syndicated radio host, narrator/voice


Central Banking and War

As long as there have been people, there has been war, but total war is something new, or maybe it’s a barbarous relic that has returned from the past, but either way, WWI marked a change in the way wars


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School Lunches Are Sickening

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Disaster Ignorance

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Looking for a Black or Gray Market Passport?

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Iron Mountain and the Murder of JFK

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