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Bring on the savings! (But no hurry)

Medicare, it seems, has been overpaying for kidney dialysis drugs. Peter Whoriskey at the Washington Post reports (HT: Sarah Nutter): The Medicare system is recalculating how much it will reimburse hospitals and clinics for the drugs used to treat dialysis patients after federal auditors found recently that the program could save as much as $880 [...] [...]

Blegging Your Help on Sources of Data on Consumer-Goods Prices in Europe

One of my splendid GMU undergraduate students, Mr. Aaron Baker, is doing a research project this semester under my direction.  This post is to ask (or, I believe the appropriate term in this forum is “bleg”) for information – especially (but not at all exclusively) from European readers – on how Aaron can best find [...] [...]

Private Enforcement of Law

A sage quoted by Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution – delivered here through Bryan Caplan at EconLog – offers great practical [...] [...]

Women Liberated by Capitalism

Here’s a letter to Dear Editor: Emily Matchar correctly insists that the demise in home cooking was caused by industrialization and not by feminism (“Betty Friedan Did Not Kill Home Cooking,” Jan 25).  This point is important and it extends beyond the kitchen stove.  By raising women’s market wages – and by creating affordable [...] [...]

Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 453 of Deirdre McCloskey’s June 1976 article in the Journal of Economic Literature, “Does the Past Have Useful Economics?“: Few intellectual activities are more mischievous when done poorly than economics or history.  The power of fallacious economic reasoning or fallacious historical example to damage society is obvious: the pseudo-economics of mercantilism has [...] [...]

There Is a Natural Right To Travel

Andrew Napolitano on immigration, private property, and [...] [...]

The 12 Most Wanted

Daisy Luther on the regime’s dirty [...] [...]

Anything Is Better Than Taxes

Joe Salerno on the trillion dollar coin and Murray [...] [...]

The Life Expectancy of Empires

About 200 years, says Jorge [...] [...]

The US Empire Is Dying

It began with the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam, says Justin [...] [...]