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Liberty on the Rocks in the Boulder Examiner!

Last week Ryan Gaunt from the Boulder Examiner sat down with me to discuss Liberty on the Rocks:

Do you find yourself thinking what is going on with the free world? Do you ever wonder what happened to the American principles of limited government, individual liberty and free markets? Do you ever wonder where are [...]

I’m Glad Scott Brown Voted for the Jobs Bill…

…early on that is.  At least everyone was paying attention.   While myself and others recognized that Scott Brown was not a liberty-loving fellow and were expecting this kind of behavior, it hasn’t been seen that way across the country (until now, hopefully).  All most people knew was that he was running against a Democrat and he [...] [...]

The Strategy – A Long Term Approach to Freedom

Rather than simply trying to pick the best candidates, I see the goal as trying to encourage more people to consider and look into (for lack of a better term) *Libertarian ideals.  This is not as a ploy to get new Libertarian registrations (which I don’t see as bad), but rather to get more people [...] [...]

Relearning History – The Truth About Rockefeller

Remember learning about the so-called “Robber Baron’s” in high school?  Or as Michael Moore would say, those evil capitalists who took all the wealth in the country and left nothing for their fellow man?  The ones who created monopolies by trashing the little guy and charging exorbitant prices to the consumer.  Remember them? Would it be [...] [...]

Government cannot offer good service

With the looming government run health care bill that may be taking over the health care industry in the United States, we might as well just say screw the children….and the elderly, and the middle aged. What I find so crazy about this entire situation, is the way people talk about the government coming in and [...] [...]

Democrat Makes Clear What he Thinks Gov’t Will do to Health Care Industry

In a magnificent editorial written in Complete Colorado, Colorado’s Complete News Source, it becomes clear what Representative Jared Polis sees for the future of health care in America if government run health care is passed. Polis is a self-made millionaire, having co-founded his first company, American Information Systems, while still in college.  While he may be [...] [...]

Obama Health Care Debate with Hugh Hewitt

I attended a health care debate last night between national radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt and CU Law Professor Paul Campos.  As I listened to the debate, I could not believe the things coming out of the liberal Law Professor’s mouth, but even more so, I was awestruck and disappointed by the things that [...] [...]

Denver 9/12 Rally

It’s always nice to be surrounded by those who understand the importance of liberty, and it’s even better when they are people who plan to fight for it.  That was the feeling I got from this past rally on the steps of the state capitol in Denver, Colorado.  There was a good turnout of about [...] [...]

The Empirical Evidence Against Big Government

While liberty-minded individuals understand the concept of why big government is bad for an economy (usually because they are the ones who study economics), it is still very important to relay the facts and statistics whenever possible – as proof for those who believe big government is good for prosperity.  This six minute video clip [...] [...]

Brigitte Gabriel – A Woman of Passion

I wasn’t aware of Brigitte Gabriel, President and Founder of American Congress for Truth, until last March.  I heard her speak at a retreat I attended in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the Leadership Program of the Rockies.  At first, I wasn’t as excited to hear her speak as I was to hear other speakers, such [...]