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And It has a Link to a Beautiful Photo of a San Francisco Landmark

Ernie G. – who describes himself as a “faithful student at Cafe Hayek” – asks that I post again a link to this August 2011 entry.  Happy to oblige, Ernie! Here’s the conclusion of that post from a year and a half ago: Economists who offer advice to drivers of public policy without pausing to [...] [...]

Kling on Krugman on Debt

Without mentioning Jim Buchanan, Arnold Kling succinctly captures and reveals the essence of Jim’s powerful case against the Keynesian/Krugmanian assertion that internally held government debt is no real burden on citizens.  (HT James Pethokoukis) Unwise aggregation is always blinding, and never more so than on the question of the burden of government [...] [...]

Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 101-102 of Robert Higgs’s indispensable 2004 collection, Against Leviathan; specifically, it’s from Bob’s 2002 Independent Review essay “Governments Protect Us?” (original emphasis; footnotes excluded). My skepticism springs in part from my improved understanding of just how horrendously destructive and murderous governments have been, not only by their involvement in wars with other governments, but [...] [...]

Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 279 of The State Is Rolling Back, which is volume 2 in the 2004 Liberty Fund series The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon; specifically, it’s from Seldon’s 1988 essay “Policies: The Difficult and the ‘Impossible’”: Keynes’ prescription has been shown to be not only defective in economic analysis.  The public choice [...] [...]