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MLK on Loving Your Enemy

The commentary always gets so political on the official Martin Luther King Jr. holiday itself, but I had been reminded of this 1957 sermon on forgiveness and loving your enemy, and thought I’d quote from it now: He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. It is [...] [...]

Thoughts on Marco Rubio and the Age of the Earth

Hold on to your hats, kids, I think I will alienate 95% of the blogosphere with this one (and without even cursing)… Marco Rubio has been getting hammered in the blogosphere from both right and left for his coy answer when a GQ interviewer asked him about the age of the Earth. The irony is, [...] [...]

Libertarians Love Homesteading Theory Except If God Exists

I don’t want to link to our comments because nothing he said was unusual, but last week I got into it with a critic here about God violating people’s natural rights. In other words, my critic was claiming that we can use our reason to derive rights that human beings possess, and that’s how we [...] [...]