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Private Enforcement of Law

A sage quoted by Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution – delivered here through Bryan Caplan at EconLog – offers great practical [...] [...]

Women Liberated by Capitalism

Here’s a letter to Dear Editor: Emily Matchar correctly insists that the demise in home cooking was caused by industrialization and not by feminism (“Betty Friedan Did Not Kill Home Cooking,” Jan 25).  This point is important and it extends beyond the kitchen stove.  By raising women’s market wages – and by creating affordable [...] [...]

And It has a Link to a Beautiful Photo of a San Francisco Landmark

Ernie G. – who describes himself as a “faithful student at Cafe Hayek” – asks that I post again a link to this August 2011 entry.  Happy to oblige, Ernie! Here’s the conclusion of that post from a year and a half ago: Economists who offer advice to drivers of public policy without pausing to [...] [...]

Some Links

Here’s the great Bob Higgs on money, monetary theory, and Austrian theory versus theories that rest on overly large – and, hence, highly misleading – aggregates. In this post, Bob Higgs asks the sensible question: What is the difference between a government and a criminal gang or protection racket such as the mafia? Chris Mayer [...] [...]