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When it comes to staying on top of liberty-related issues there are a few paths you can take. Two really. One is to stay up-to-date and engaged by reading content, taking online classes (there are some really great ones offered by the Mises [...]

Liberty on the Rocks Hosts Libertopia Parties Again in 2013!

Liberty on the Rocks hosts parties at Libertopia 2013!! If you are in San Diego for the weekend be sure to stop by our booth to meet some of the great organizers in California. Including representatives from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

Here is Melinda McCrady to tell you more about this weekend’s [...]

The Liberty Workshop

Liberty on the Rocks is traveling to four cities throughout 2013, providing activists and enthusiasts with the skills necessary to promote the liberty philosophy in their everyday lives. 2013 Workshops: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston and Pittsburgh.

Keynote Speakers Include Antony Davies of the Mercatus Center, Sharon Harris of Advocates for Self-Government, Libertarian Girl, and Economics Professor [...]

Los Angeles Represents at Libertopia 2013!

Los Angeles Update with Melinda!

Check out what’s going on this summer in the Los Angeles area! And be sure to visit LOTR Los Angeles on the web and Facebook!


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Liberty-Workshop in Tampa

Liberty on the Rocks is pleased to be teaming up with the Liberty Empowerment Institute to host it’s 5th Free Market Workshop in Tampa, Florida!

More details:

How do you respond when someone declares, “war is good for the economy”? Or that women get paid less than men for the same work?

What about the [...]

LOTR DC at ISFLC 2013!

Join Liberty on the Rocks DC for fellowship and networking at the 2013 ISFLC! We’ll be at the Capitol City Brewery (1100 New York Ave NW Frnt 1, Washington, District of Columbia 20005-6173). It’s right across the street from the Grand Hyatt. Everyone is 18+ is welcome, but you must be 21+ to drink. Come [...]

Economics & Philosophy Workshop: Tampa

Making the Case for Liberty 

Are you a liberty activist who loves free markets, capitalism and limited government – but have a difficult time describing its myriad benefits and merits when talking with others?

Would you benefit from one to one contact with “liberty experts” in a setting where you can ask them all [...]

Dinner with a Ludwig Von Mises Scholar Feb. 8 in Denver

You are invited to Dinner with Ryan McMaken of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute!

When: Friday, February 8th  6-9PM Where: Independence Institute | 727 E. 16th Avenue, Denver Cost: Tickets are $35 and include Dinner, Dessert and a Drink

Purchase Tickets Online

Liberty on the Rocks is pleased to host author and professor Ryan McMaken for an evening [...]