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What Is a Chapter?

Liberty on the Rocks chapters are social and educational libertarian networks aimed at uniting liberty-oriented individuals as a way to expose ideas, promote peace and free markets, to provide activism opportunities and offer encouragement to individuals who desire to live free.  Chapters usually meet at a local bar/restaurant and are social as well as educational in nature. Meet-ups must occur at least once each month, preferably on the same day and time.

While there are no set agendas to these social networks, the opportunities for promoting activism and education surrounding the principles of liberty are endless. Chapter Leaders are free to experiment with their own networks (with some restrictions), and also are provided guidelines and strategies from the national organization. While some chapters become very well attended and invite speakers and featured guests (speakers are always brief), others remain smaller and focus on finding ways to become active in their community. Chapters are most likely to succeed if there are 2-3 individuals in charge.