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Liberty on the Rocks focuses on promoting individual liberty through economics, reason and philosophy. Below you will find a list of recommended articles, books and videos suitable for any individual interested in learning more this pertinent topic. Also, check out the ‘Online Educational Opportunities’ tab to watch videos and find online courses.

1. Philosophy

A. Myth of the Rational Voter (Video: GMU Economics Professor Bryan Caplan)

B. Free Yourself from Politics (Video: Stefan Molyneux)

C. Liberty 101: An Introduction to Philosophy (Video: Stefan Molyneux)

D. Unschooling: Helping Children Flourish with Freedom (Liberty Children)

E. Free Online Books from

2. Free Market Economics

A. Introduction to Free Market Economics: Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt (PDF)

B. Lessons in Austrian Economics: Suede College of Austrian Economics 

C. Basics of Free Trade: I, Pencil (the story of how a pencil is made), by Leonard Read (PDF)

D. Basics of Free Trade #2: Milton Friedman, The Story of Free Trade (video)

E. Free Trade in the 21st Century: When Ideas Have Sex (video)

F. Treatise on Austrian Economic Theory: Man, Economy & State, by Murray Rothbard (PDF)

G. Harmful Effects of Anti-Trust Laws: Anti-Trust: The Case for Repeal (PDF)

H. Harmful Effects of Anti-Trust Laws & Regulation #2: Anti-Trust & Monopoly with Ron Paul & D.T. Armentano (video)

I. Government is the Problem, not the Solution: Lessons From The Great Depression, by Larry Reed (video)

J. Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Brief Explanation by Tom Woods (video)

3. Individual Liberties

A. The Classic Blueprint for a Free Society: The Law, by Frédéric Bastiat (PDF)

4. Private Property Rights

A. Tragedy of the Commons: How ’Sharing’ the Land Results in Degradation

B. The Great Thanksgiving Hoax: How Capitalism Saved the Pilgrims

C. Eminent Domain: How Government is Now Able to Take Your Homeshort version @

5. Online Educational Opportunities

A. Learn Liberty: Economics & Philosophy

B. Online Courses on Austrian Economics: Suede College of Austrian Economics

C. Mises University: Classes available for as little as $59!