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Stop eminent domain abuse by RTD. Vote Dave Williams, District E

Eminent domain abuse by RTD is one of my major concerns as a candidate for Board of Directors in District E. RTD has used the process to condemn land not just for rail expansion, but for developers to build near light rail stops. While legal, it is… [...]

A serious problem within the “liberty movement”

What does it mean to be in the “liberty movement?” Well, I guess, it means you want to move society toward liberty. So what is liberty? I suggest there is no better authority than Thomas Jefferson. He said that “no man has a natural right to commit … [...]

Another very basic example of “progressive” ignorance

Cynthia Tucker perfectly demonstrates why “progressives” base their entire philosophy on an incorrect premise. They equate “charity” with “government.” In her article “Ayn Rand is curious choice for conservative veneration,” she writes [Paul] Ryan… [...]

An incredibly thinly veiled parable about the two party system and third party minorities.

A group gathered around a burning building. Some said, “This is awesome! Let’s add some gasoline!” A second group said, “No, that’s crazy! We need to put this fire out! Let’s add a bunch of dry straw and twigs!” A tiny, third, group said, “Wait a mi… [...]

C’mon, Mitt. Quit allowing Barack to pretend outsourcing is evil.

So, Mitt is upset with Barack because Barack claims Mitt was still involved with making management decisions at Bain Capital after 1999. What happened after 1999 that is so damaging to Mitt?

Bain “outsourced” jobs to foreign countries. You know, where businesses can hire people for less money and pay fewer taxes? HORRORS.

Mitt is way too uptight about this. He should mock Barack for getting his facts wrong and not understanding that owning shares in a company does not equal making decisions for a company. But no, Mitt has to act like outsourcing jobs is some horrible sin  that makes him a criminal. Even if he did it, it just means he understands how things actually work. He should own that. He should explain.

Companies exist to create products or provide services to customers. This should not be controversial, but apparently it is. The cheaper the company can do this, the more product it sells or services it provides. This makes consumers happy, because saving money on one purchase means that have money left over for other things.

(Little known fact ignored by the media: You, me and everyone we know are consumers. Yep. It’s true! WE benefit, all of us, from lower prices. Blacks, whites, Native Americans, blue bloods and mutts; Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and atheists; homosexuals, asexuals, transexuals and even heterosexuals! We all benefit. Let that soak in for a bit. It could change your entire world view. It would certainly change Obama’s.)

Mitt, thankfully, is pointing out that Barack’s policies promote outsourcing by raising taxes on people in corporations. When people making decisions for corporations can operate more cheaply somewhere else, they will. Again, this should not be surprising, but apparently it is: “What:?! They are moving facilities where they can pay fewer taxes!!!! How could they?!!! That is just unbelievable!! Who EVER would have thought of such a thing?! How can we make policy when people CHANGE behavior based on how much we make them pay in taxes?!!”

Outsourcing allows companies to stay in business. It allows them to stay competitive. It allows them to produce things so poor people can afford them. (What? Low prices help poor people…..? This … is… so… radical…..Can not… process…..)

If Mitt would just quit pretending he doesn’t understand this, we’d all be better off. By pretending outsourcing is evil, he is allowing Barack to sell his message that higher prices are awesome. They are not. Not for anyone.


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EPA to subpoena God in effort to get answers on Colorado wildfires

Due to the massive environmental damage caused by recent Colorado wildfires, the Environmental Protection Agency will be serving God with a subpoena to answer some questions before a congressional subcommittee.

“It looks increasingly likely that most, if not all, of these fires were naturally caused,” said Lisa P. Jackson, Adminstrator of the EPA. “The Rocky Mountains contain an incredibly fragile eco-system. This kind of damage will take decades, if not centuries, to recover from. The EPA takes these matters very seriously, regardless of the cause. They say the Lord works in mysterious ways. Well, we just want to ask a few questions of the Supreme Being about those mysterious ways and why it had to result in so many dead fish in our pristine rivers.”

Sources indicate the EPA hopes to reach an agreement with God that all future naturally occurring devastation meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

President Barack Obama, concerned about potential controversy on which God is subpoenaed, instructed federal lawyers to individually subpoena Yahweh (which, according to theological experts in the White House,  includes both the Jewish and the Christian God), Allah, Buddha and Xenu. According to an unnamed source, the decision to include Xenu on the subpoena list was controversial within the White House, but fear of alienating Hollywood donors by leaving him off the list was the deciding factor to include him.

“Look, this isn’t a religious issue,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said at a press conference, “it is an issue of responsibility. This White House takes its responsibility to enforce environmental laws very seriously. Regardless of whether it is Yahweh, Allah or even Xenu who is eventually held liable, President Obama is emphatic that this region of the U.S. be made whole and damages are paid. Nature is our responsibility.”


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In his own words, Obama’s thoughts on healthcare decisions.

Barack Obama, from a Town Hall meeting, June 24, 2009. From the official White House transcript

Q: … President Obama, if your wife or your daughter became seriously ill and things were not going well, and the plan physicians told you they were doing everything that reasonably could be done, and you sought out opinions from some medical leaders in major centers and they said there’s another option that you should pursue, but it was not covered in the plan, would you potentially sacrifice the health of your family for the greater good of insuring millions, or would you do everything you possibly could as a father and husband to get the best health care and outcome for your family? 

A. Well, first of all, Doctor, I think it’s a terrific question, and it’s something that touches us all personally, especially when you start talking about end-of-life care.  Some of you know my grandmother recently passed away, which was a very painful thing for me.  She’s somebody who helped raise me.  But she’s somebody who contracted what was diagnosed as terminal cancer; there was unanimity about that.  They expected that she’d have six to nine months to life.  She fell and broke her hip.  And then the question was, does she get hip replacement surgery, even though she was fragile enough that they weren’t sure how long she would last, whether she could get through the surgery.

And the President continued…

But what we can do is make sure that at least some of the waste that exists in the system that’s not making anybody’s mom better, that is loading up on additional tests or additional drugs that the evidence shows is not necessarily going to improve care, that at least we can let doctors know, and your mom know, that you know what, maybe this isn’t going to help, maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.

And this sums it up. Read that last part again: “…at least we can let doctors know, and your mom know, that you know what, maybe this isn’t going to help, maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.”

And you know who decides that you are better off taking the painkiller and not getting the surgery? 

Well, it ain’t you.


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Spot the statist theme!

Facebook can be a great place for the exchange of ideas and challenging debate. In between playing online poker and that killing-zombies game, I’ll even sometimes stumble onto one of those debates between libertarian ideas and statist ideas. I just did.

Certain statist ideas recur in every one of these debates. They are as predictable as a Lindsey Lohan car wreck. I found the following, verbatim, moments ago:

Quit paying taxes, using the post office, close all the public schools, and cut your own grandma’s off Medicare, and then you might at least be consistent with the illogical ranting about government involvement. Cheers.

This sums up the statist belief. Every pro-freedom idea is always, in the end, trumped with “you just want to kill your grandmom!” Then the statist walks off, smug in his love of your grandma and, indeed, all old people.

But let’s address these assertions and see if we can find a theme:

Quit paying taxes.” Many would, but government agents with guns will take them away and put them in cages.

“Quit using the post office.” Many would be glad to do so, but government agents have declared that only the USPS can deliver first class letters. If they set up a competing business to do that, government agents with guns will take them away and put them in cages.

“Close all the public schools.” How about letting parents use their education tax money on attending any school they wish? Lots of people would keep that money and make their own decisions, but government agents with guns would take them away and put them in cages.

“Cut grandma off Medicare.” How about letting grandma keep all that money that was taken away from her while she worked her entire life? Lots of people would keep that money and make their own decisions, but government agents with guns would take them away and put them in cages.

Did you spot the theme?

The statist philosophy is simple: The government knows best. The government is compassionate. Comply with its good intentions for your own well-being. And if you don’t, government agents with guns will take you away and put you in a cage.

It’s compassion at bayonet point. Cheers!


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LOTR(RR) June 4th at Rock Rest!

Red Rocks Returns to the “Center of the World!” “Earl Bandy (Republican Liberty Caucus) Talking Liberty!” Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour Rock Rest Lodge 16005 Mt. Vernon Rd. Golden, Colorado 80401 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. (Networking till 6:00, program begins at 6:00, happy hour till 7:00) We have reserved a portion of the outdoor patio and the lower [...] [...]

It’s On! May 7th LOTR(RR) Meetup at Rock Rest!

Red Rocks Returns to the “Center of the World!” “Education Reform on Tap with Sheila Atwell & Karin Piper” Liberty On The Rocks (Red Rocks) Happy Hour May 7, 2012 MISSING LIBERTY? AW SHUCKS, RED ROCKS WILL SPRING FOR A FEW APP’S AT 6:00 TO SOOTHE YOUR PAIN!!! Rock Rest Lodge 16005 Mt. Vernon Rd. Golden, Colorado 80401 5:30 [...] [...]